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Hair Care · 29. March 2018
Hair expert Thomas N Salzano has always loved summers. Light clothes, free spirit and beautiful bouncy hair shining bright in the sun, what’s not there to love about summers, he remarks.

Hair Care · 21. February 2018
Traveling is by far among the most sought out hobbies. It’s also among the hobbies that affect hair the most. Hairstylist and traveler Thomas Salzano discusses how to take care of your hair while traveling. These simple hair care tips and tricks are easy to follow and will help you look your best when you are somewhere far away from your favorite salon. Read along… Get a professional blowout before you embark on your journey. All you need is a hair wash, blow dry and styling. There’s no...

Hair Care · 22. December 2017
Thomas J Salzano an hairdresser and fashion lover shares how to treat your dry rough hairs. Read this post shared by Thomas J Salzano and get ideas about healthier hair grow tips.