Hairstyle · 23. May 2018
The last year ended with braids, blondes and bobs being in fashion all year round. As we welcome the summers this year, there is so much more and new to follow. Indulge in the latest tress trends and color choices to give yourself a new makeover this year. Here are a few tips and tricks by Thomas N Salzano you all must look forward to this summer.

Hair Care · 29. March 2018
Hair expert Thomas N Salzano has always loved summers. Light clothes, free spirit and beautiful bouncy hair shining bright in the sun, what’s not there to love about summers, he remarks.

Travel · 12. March 2018
Traveling is one of the most sought after activities among the curious ones. Hair expert Thomas J Salzano, who also happens to be an avid traveler, says that traveling is not always about enjoyment. Traveling also makes you evolve as a person. He shares the best tips that will be useful for every traveler around the globe: Patience Pays: There will be things that will be beyond your control. There will be instances that you’ll have to deal with. The key here is patience. Whenever you find...
Hair Care · 21. February 2018
Traveling is by far among the most sought out hobbies. It’s also among the hobbies that affect hair the most. Hairstylist and traveler Thomas Salzano discusses how to take care of your hair while traveling. These simple hair care tips and tricks are easy to follow and will help you look your best when you are somewhere far away from your favorite salon. Read along… Get a professional blowout before you embark on your journey. All you need is a hair wash, blow dry and styling. There’s no...

06. February 2018
Thomas J Salzano is presently exploring Asia, he is from New York, United States. where he works as a travel blogger and traveler. Thomas J Salzano has always loved travel and recently moved to Vietnam for some time to explore Asia.

Travel · 24. January 2018
Thomas J. Salzano needs a vacations to feel relax and rejuvenate, But it’s almost inevitable. Stting with friends watching favorite web series are quite boring now. Now have burning desire to get away from it and head to mountains, the beach, a historic city. Outing far away with old and close friends mean get a chance to explore, try new adventure, big laugh, better common interest, and numerous memories. Discover each other’s strong suits and weaknesses. If you also looking a destination...

Hair Care · 22. December 2017
Thomas J Salzano an hairdresser and fashion lover shares how to treat your dry rough hairs. Read this post shared by Thomas J Salzano and get ideas about healthier hair grow tips.

14. December 2017
To motivate more people Thomas N Salzano collects the best travel Quotes for Travel Inspiration. Read the following:

Hairstyle · 16. November 2017
Thomas Salzano is a hairdresser who has years of experience in fashion industry. According to Thomas Salzano, it is difficult to tell your hairdresser that what you exactly want or how you want your hair to look. Here in this post he shares how to connect effectively with your hair stylist.

15. November 2017
Thomas Salzano says while you are traveling to different country make sure if they have any regulation regarding your prescribed medications.