Beat the Heat with These Great Summer Hairstyling Tips

The last year ended with braids, blondes and bobs being in fashion all year round. As we welcome the summers this year, there is so much more and new to follow. Indulge in the latest tress trends and color choices to give yourself a new makeover this year. Here are a few tips and tricks by Thomas N Salzano you all must look forward to this summer.

1) Make Updo’s and side braids your cue

Say goodbye to sticky and sweaty hair this summer. Not only does your scalp gather more dirt and oil but also leaves your tresses shapeless. Getting out with open hair can usually be a big no! Get trending with a quick braid or an easy up-do that ensures you stay sweat and mess free.

2) The shorter, the better

Although bangs are out of fashion, having one can be responsible for forehead sweat and acne. Pin them to the side or just get a fresh new haircut that is short, bubbly and very much appropriate for the heat. Keep experimenting with chic hairstyles and colors every now and then. The browns are back this season with some great variations. You never know if a razored pixie or a straight up bob is your thing.

3) Accessorize right

It not a rule of the thumb to get rid of your tresses once it gets hot. Instead, manage your hair with the right accessories. Make scarves, caps, hats, bobby pins, tic tacs and headbands your best friends this summer.

4) Save the day with dry shampoo

It is advisable to take a head bath on every alternate day in summertime. If this is a regime that causes stress to your hair then use a dry shampoo instead. Also make sure you never apply any extra product especially when it comes to dry shampoos, serums, shine and other sprays.

5) Tie it if you like it

Braid your hair in any desirable way. Make it a fish tail or a waterfall braid depending on your mood. Best part is, tying hair doesn’t require any investment. It is something you can learn to do yourself easily with the help of a tutorial. Braids and ponytails keep your hair in place, sorted and can be stylized as much as possible.