Easy Hairstyles to Flaunt This Summer: Thomas N Salzano

Hair expert Thomas N Salzano has always loved summers. Light clothes, free spirit and beautiful bouncy hair shining bright in the sun, what’s not there to love about summers, he remarks. The year 2018 is all about trying new styles and reliving the good old school at the same time. He suggests some really amazing and easy to maintain hairstyles for the summer of ’18.

Angular Blunt Bob:

One of the most amazing hairstyles, angular blunt bob also happens to be the most popular trend this summer. Go retro, and keep your locks long enough to style them any which way.

The Swoop:

Who thought the 70’s swoop will be fad once again. While people all going all trippy on the ultra-urban hairstyles, the Swoop made a comeback and how!

The Name is Bangs, Baby Bangs:

What used to be a result of getting too scissor happy is now a hairstyle that women absolutely love to adore. And the best part is that they get it done from an expert hairstylist. Cause scissors in deft hands is cool and dangerous otherwise.

The Cloudy Affair:

Love your curly hair but find it hard to manage their weight and unquenchable thirst? Thomas N Salzano recommends a haircut that takes the weight off your locks around the mid length. Easy fix for summers!

The Razor Cut:

Specially meant for thick and heavy hair, razor cut takes bulk out from the ends and gives heavy hair a sleek look, something you all want for summers.

Thomas N Salzano is a New Jersey based hairstylist who loves to share hair styling and hair care tips with people through his blogs.