Traveling and Hair Care: A Thomas Salzano Blog

Traveling is by far among the most sought out hobbies. It’s also among the hobbies that affect hair the most. Hairstylist and traveler Thomas Salzano discusses how to take care of your hair while traveling.


These simple hair care tips and tricks are easy to follow and will help you look your best when you are somewhere far away from your favorite salon. Read along…

  • Get a professional blowout before you embark on your journey. All you need is a hair wash, blow dry and styling. There’s no need to spend lot of money in the beginning of the journey because you’ll need a proper hair treatment when you return.
  • Pack small, pocket sized shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Carry bobby pins, hair elastics, scarves and clips with you. Keep your hair covered when you can.
  • Carry a swimming cap. Use it when you are going for a swim in your hotel’s swimming pool.
  • Wash your hair the moment you get back to your room. Letting chlorine stay in your hair for too long can cause chlorine buildup, leading to fungal infection and dandruff.
  • Style your hair in a way that is easy to maintain and off your face. Let nothing come in your way to have a good time, not even your hair.

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The most important hair care product that you must carry in your bag is, Thomas Salzano says, is a bottle of dry shampoo. This nifty little bottle will help you live your trip to the fullest without worrying an iota about your hair.

Thomas Salzano is an expert hairstylist. His love for traveling makes him the right person to talk to about hair care while traveling.

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