Travel to Help the World Like Thomas J Salzano

Thomas J Salzano is presently exploring Asia, he is from New York, United States. where he works as a travel blogger and traveler. Blogger Thomas J Salzano has always loved travel and recently moved to Vietnam for some time to explore Asia. 


Most of us want to travel and make money, said Thomas J Salzano. So, who want to travel as well as make money through travelling, then, be a travel volunteer. If you want to see the world and want to get new experinces, why wouldn’t you want to help it? It’s a beautiful experience to come to someplace new, experince new culture and extend your hand, doing what you can to improve it.  

Take a page from Thomas J Salzano and travels to help the world.   Donate your time to the volunteer, this can make your trip more affordable because many volunteer organisations offer free room services and board to those who donate their time to others.