Treat Dry, Rough Hairs by Thomas J Salzano

Thomas J Salzano is professional hair expert who styles hairs by preparing, conditioning, and styling hairs. Thomas J Salzano regularly attends the educational workshop to maintain his technical knowledge.


He always gives suggestions and information regarding new hairstyles which are in fashion.In this blog post, he coves the topic or treat rough and ways hairs. So if you want to make your hairs healthier and manageable, so you need to adopt special routine:


For Instant Results

For instant results use sulphate Free products, you can buy these products from health food stores and also from beauty product store. sulphate was the oil of your hairs. And for hair conditioning use silicone free conditioners and styling products. For a look and your hair feel healthy then trim split ends and other damage ends of hairs in a regular routine.

Start a New routine

If you wash your hair daily then stop washing daily and adopt new routine by washing your hairs two or three times in a week. And if have a habit of washing hairs with hot water then start new routine by washing your hairs with cold water.After washing hairs dry them with care. Use the soft towel to dry and use the wide-toothed comb. Avoid the use of hair dryer, try to let your hair finish air drying.

Maintain Hair Health

Maintain hair health only depends on us, avoid using heat styling tools. When you want to dry your hairs the do not use the hairdryer and use cooler settings. And if you want to curl then curl hairs without heat. For good hair health start eating healthy food, eat fish, nuts, and omega 3 acids. And drink lots of water in a day.

Thomas J Salzano experiences regular oiling and conditioning will make hairs soft. And try hot oil massage on your scalp twice a week.