Thomas Salzano: How to Connect Effectively with Your Hair Stylist

Thomas Salzano is a hairdresser who has years of experience in fashion industry. According to Thomas Salzano, it is difficult to tell your hairdresser that what you exactly want or how you want your hair to look. Sometimes your hairdresser misunderstands you and gives you the hairstyle that you never want. So there are many techniques that help you in explaining to your hairdresser that what you exactly want.

Do Research

If you do some research before appointment then it helps you. Read magazines and look for images of hairstyles. Bring a photocopy of hairstyle that you want, it became easy for hairdresser what you exactly want. Also, read about your hairstylist, his or her bio, previous work and then make the appointment.

Communicate with Hair Stylist

Communicate with your hairdresser during the appointment. Choose a hairstyle that fit your daily style. Tell your hairstylist that how much time you take in daily styling routine. Most important thing, be specific when you talk to your stylist about length. Tell them by marking hands on the hair. And use stylist talk when talking with your hairstylist, Stylist talk and we can say that stylist terms include layering, by using the razor tool, an inverted cut etc.

As a hairdresser Thomas Salzano feels it is important to talk after the appointment because if you talk after appointment your stylist gives you suggestions that how to do maintenance and upkeep your hairs. And always give honest feedback.