Thomas Salzano: Travel With One Bag

Had you travelled with one bag? But if you travel with one bag then it can help you avoid numerous troubles. Here are the ideas, how to travel with one bag by travel blogger Thomas N Salzano.

Travel with one Bag

  • If you want to enjoy your traveling then traveling with one bag is the best thing. So first choose the bag according to your necessaries. 
  • Determine what day to day items are necessary only pack that one. 
  • Try bundle packing method so that it uses little space. 
  • Use small size toiletries. You can buy them from the market. And pack all the toiletries in a plastic bag.

Tips, How and What to Pack

  • Make sure you are going to all your travel documents and credit cards. And also take latest photographs of yours.
  • Pack your clothes in the plastic bag by rolling them. Also, take with you extra plastic bag for dirty clothes.
  • And if you are travelling in a group try to share common items like shampoo, detergent, toothpaste etc.
  • Pack your shoes at the bottom of the bag.

Thomas Salzano says while you are travelling to different country make sure if they have any regulation regarding your prescribed medications.