There are few people who are passionate about many things and are able to manage time for all them. In the given world of chaos and tight schedules, Thomas Salzano is among those rare people who have time to follow their heart, both on personal and professional grounds.

Always inclined towards hair styles and hair fashion from a young age, this New Jersey suburban guy always wanted to be known for his knowledge and skills. To realize his dream, Thomas N Salzano pursued his education in hair styling. He interned at various salons, studios and teamed up with many hair experts to sharpen his skills.


He always knew good looking hair may not always be healthy, but healthy hairs are always beautiful to look. This has always been visible in his work. Whether it’s about following a new hair trend, trying a new hair style or just routine haircut, he always talks to his clients about nourishing their hair to keep them lustrous, bouncy and voluminous.


While interning with various stylists, Thomas N Salzano had the opportunity to travel a lot. His love for hair sparked a whole new passion that he never knew he had: traveling. Eventually, it became his routine to travel to a distant place to know more about local hair styles, cultures and people.


As Thomas J Salzano travelled, his perspective of what style means broadened.


This was also the time when Salzano realized his love for capturing moments through lens. When he used to take photographs of stylists and their styles, he realized he has a lot of memories to share with the world and give the world something to cherish.


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Thomas N Salzano: A Deck of Passions

Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Thomas N Salzano is a man of many talents, four to be exact. Just like the four colors in a deck of cards, this guy has amazing tricks up his sleeves when it comes to hairstyling (his first love, the heart), traveling (and not just the club), photography (the tripod is his dependable spade) and blogging (where all his other three passions shine like diamonds). Follow his blogs to be stylish, travel smart and take amazing pictures, in no particular order.